Michael Pellegrini

Sr. Advisor, Military Training

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Michael Pellegrini has over 31 years of government service including 20 years in the military and 11 years in Federal Law Enforcement.

Mike’s last assignment in the military was with the U.S. Army anti-terrorist unit 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force) where he served for ten years. Mike held positions as an Assaulter, Sniper /Recon, Master Breacher and Operations SGM. Prior to Delta Force, Mike spent six years in Special Forces. He was assigned to 10th SFG, 5th SFG, and 3rd SFG. He also attended Ranger School.

Mike has trained law enforcement entities both in domestic and international settings. Currently, he is the Supervisor for all firearms and tactics training for a large federal law enforcement agency. Mike also teaches Marine Operations, Defensive Tactics and Drivers Training.

Michael Pellegrini currently holds a B.S. Degree from Liberty University, and a Masters in Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Charleston Southern University.