A wise person sees danger coming and prepares for it.


Comprehensive Security Consulting,
Assessment & Training for
Events, Facilities & Business


Onsite Assessment

Knowledge can keep you safe. Lionheart will conduct a comprehensive onsite assessment at your facility and meet with your key personnel. Know your strengths and make a plan for your weaknesses. We focus on results so you can move forward in confidence.

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Upgrade your Security Training Program

LionHeart is the passion of a highly trained and motivated staff of men and women with Secret Service, military, FBI and Homeland Security training. We have the best training available, the highest level of experience, and the deepest  passion to keep people safe. We can train your staff to implement a comprehensive security program that supports your business, and delivers results.

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The Best in Large-scale Event Security Training

Given by Federally certified trainers with extensive backgrounds in large-scale events, interactive security training focuses on equipping your security personnel with the latest techniques and skills. We are experts in magnetometer training, as well as consulting with the stadium team on ingress and egress techniques to minimize impact on stadium businesses.

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Church and Synagogue Security Training Specialists

The rise in violence against worship communities has made training your onsite security team a top priority. LionHeart trains teams with a variety of programs tailored to meet your specific needs. We have over 25 years of church security experience. Let us help you discover the ministry and calling in keeping your people safe.

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“LionHeart helped clarify and prioritize our corporate security plan. We walked away with detailed analysis for each of our key executives, buildout issues solved, and plans in place for personnel training with LionHeart.”


Today’s training prevents tomorrow’s crisis

Through astute assessment and many years of experience, LionHeart can get your team ready to face fluid challenges and crisis situations. Don’t wait. LionHeart offers comprehensive security consulting, planning and implementation oversight. The time to prepare is now. Call us for a free phone consultation.


The latest from LionHeart in the News

LionHeart President Tim Miller discusses Presidential security with CBS & FOX News As security issues become more frequent — from Mar-a-Lago to schools to corporations — LionHeart has been training security teams and directors to be proactive in preparing for unexpected events.


Upcoming Events


Security for pastors and leaders — Willow Creek

August 7-8, 2019

LionHeart will be presenting and consulting at the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, IL

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Fall SecureChurch Training in Illinois

September 21, 2019

LionHeart will be hosting a SecureChurch training at Christ Church of Oak Brook In Oak Brook, Illinois. Earn a Level I certification in this lively and interactive day of training.

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Church Security Conference — Birmingham, AL

November 1-2, 2019

Come join other security directors and team members as LionHeart presents their Level I certification program, including training on award-winning MILO training program.

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