Security is about preparation, not fear


The news can send us all into high-stress fight or flight mode with its nightly discussions of the very real threats facing our country and our world. At LionHeart, we take a different approach. We don’t operate out of fear. Our approach centers on:

  1. Preparation — A comprehensive security plan helps you foresee any risks and evaluate threats.

  2. Training — With LionHeart, you have access to the very highest level of Federally-certified trainers. We know how to train your team.

  3. Protection — We teach you how to use technology to your advantage, creating systems to support your safety plan.

  4. Implementation — Once you have an effective and functional plan in place, LionHeart helps you take concrete action to implement your comprehensive plan.

LionHeart is a world-class team of professional security experts with a calling to provide the best possible security support and comprehensive training available. Highly trained to handle a full spectrum of security consulting in a variety of locations, our team has a passion to provide the most effective security assistance and training in the nation.

Our approach is to work with our clients to assess their current security situation and threats, develop a balanced and effective program to address any concerns and provide the planning, training and support to meet the need. We know you need results from your security program, and we can provide them.

Security experts with operational experience from the Secret Service, Homeland Security, the Armed Forces, the Customs Service, Private Industry, as well as local police officers with specialized and SWAT expertise comprise the most effective and professional security team available.

Call us and let’s talk about the challenges your organization is facing. Let’s take the fear out of the unknown and work together to create a plan that will let you sleep soundly tonight!

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Tim Miller, President, LionHeart International

Tim Miller   President and Founder of LionHeart International Services Group

Tim Miller

President and Founder of LionHeart International Services Group