LionHeart is a world-class team of executive security experts with a passion to provide the best possible security support and training available. Highly trained to implement a comprehensive security plan in a variety of locations, our team has a passion to provide the most effective security assistance and training in the nation.

Meet Some of our Lead Team


Tim Miller

President & Founder

Tim Miller is a 30-year law enforcement and military professional.As a Secret Service Special agent assigned to the Washington Field Office, Tim coordinated all aspects of security for the President, Vice-President, and foreign heads of state on a regular basis. His extensive background includes leadership roles in Homeland Security, law enforcement and the Marine Corps.


Mark Lundgren

Director of Training and Threat Analysis

Mark has 25 years of successful investigative, analytical and managerial experience at the FBI. He served as the Strategic Partnership Coordinator at the FBI. He led several large teams in groundbreaking efforts that shaped the FBI in critical areas of investigations, communications, technology and intelligence. Mark is the leader of a large volunteer church security team that has set the bar for best practices in the Midwest.


Chuck Holton

Director of Communications

Chuck Holton is a bestselling author, international reporter, photographer, video producer, public speaker, adventurer, businessman and homeschooling father of five. As a war correspondent, Chuck travels to more than a dozen countries each year. Drawing on extensive experience in areas of conflict, he brings a unique depth of perspective to the job of Director of Communications for LionHeart International Services Group.


Miles Brey

Director of Commercial Services

Miles comes to the LionHeart team with over 26 years of protective and supervisory experience with the United States Secret Service. Prior to retirement, Miles completed his career at the White House where he served as the supervisor for the West Wing and Executive Residence. Miles is a highly sought after and recognized expert on securing large facilities and sites utilizing magnetometers and other technical measures.


We are experts with operational leadership experience from the Secret Service, Homeland Security, the Armed Forces, specialized SWAT teams, and other Federally-trained divisions.

  • We emphasize prevention over “reaction to events”

  • Security Assessments highlight operational “blind spots” in your organization.

  • We are a comprehensive security services company, offering you complete peace of mind as we assess and implement your security program.

  • In addition to our comprehensive security analysis and training, our team includes specialized expertise in magnetometer training, ancillary stadium business impact in large events, executive home security analysis, and hardware recommendations.

  • Professional, courteous team with a passion to keep you safe.

This is our calling