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When people are counting on you, you can count on LionHeart to get results

In addition to comprehensive security assessment and planning, LionHeart maintains the highest caliber of Federally-certified trainers so that you can rest assured your security team will receive the best training possible at a national level. From boardrooms to ballparks, LionHeart trains teams to perform at peak efficiency.


Corporate Security Analysis & Training


Keep your workplace safe with best-in-class security analysis and training

LionHeart Services Group ensures your company is prepared for a crisis with a corporate safety analysis. The key to maintaining an open, positive atmosphere is knowing you have a plan in place for crisis or emergency situations. Using wisdom, preparedness and highly specialized Federal training experience and certification, LionHeart helps you establish workplace standards, safety and preparedness plans. We know you have a business to run — we can help you provide top caliber security that supports your business and never feels obtrusive. Get the results you need.

Corporate Headquarters Safety Assessments

  • Office Emergency Plans

  • Hardware and monitoring recommendations and installation oversight

  • Security Personnel training

  • Ongoing Security Direction

  • Key Executive home safety evaluations

  • Custom-tailored consulting, assessment and training


Large Event Security Training


Rest assured your event security staff are trained to Federal standards

LionHeart Event Security Training offers one, two and three day comprehensive security personnel assessment and training systems for large events, sporting events and more. We specialize in training your personnel not just to react effectively in case of crisis, but to proactively spot issues and neutralize them before they arise. In addition, our consultants are trained to evaluate ingress, egress and ancillary business flow, maximizing your business interactions while improving your overall safety. Get the security you need with best-in-class training for your team.

Event Security Training System

  • Security Personnel training experience

  • Analysis of current systems and points of potential maximization

  • Comprehensive ongoing training for personnel

  • Optional MILO training for key staff

  • Emergency preparedness plan

  • Security hardware recommendations and training

  • Ingress and egress flow analysis and design

  • Concessions and  maximization


Church Security Team Training


Your congregation deserves to worship in peace and security

Because violence in places of worship has risen dramatically, LionHeart has developed resources to create a secure environment while remaining unobtrusive to the congregants. You can make your church safer not just on the weekend, but during the weekdays as well. We focus on preparedness, wisdom and sensitivity to the worship environment while training security personnel to be proactive and confident in deflecting incidents. LionHeart teaches security personnel to think of the security team as a spiritual discipline and ministry. This is not just a task to accomplish, this is our calling.

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Comprehensive Security Training

  • SecureChurch Online training certification

  • Online resources for continuing education

  • Campus security assessments and recommendations

  • Personnel training events

  • Hardware recommendations and plans for facilities

  • Emphasis on weekday preparedness as well as weekend preparedness

  • Emergency preparedness plans

  • MILO Range training experiences

  • Local Law Enforcement training outreach


Best-in-class security analysis and training


Comprehensive Security Planning, Training & Support for Corporations, Schools, Events  & Churches