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Join other church security leaders in fast-moving, interactive and highly-motivating church security conferences. Presented by nationally recognized instructors with professional backgrounds in the US Secret Service, FBI and local police service. What makes these instructors particularly effective is that each of them takes an active role in the security ministry of their home church. Topics will include complex legal issues facing church security, identifying potentially dangerous people, training church security teams, understanding the threat of terrorism, dealing with the mentally ill, preparing for an active assailant, medical issues for crisis periods, how the mind and body will respond in a crisis and other important topics.

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Milo Range Security Training

Tim Miller, CEO of LionHeart, presenting at the Willow Creek Secure Church Conference in South Barrington, Illinois.

With our partner, MILO Range systems, LionHeart is excited to bring a state-of-the-art live training environment for use by local law enforcement at our engaging Secure Church Conferences. MILO Range brings individuals into interactive scenarios that require split second reactions, providing real stress and realistic learning experiences.

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