Host a SecureChurch Training Conference

Two days to a safer church


Tools to train your security team

We are called to help you train church security teams spiritually, technically and emotionally. Come learn from world-class trainers and develop a program that emphasizes both prevention and best practices.

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Level One Certification

This is a Level I two-day certification program. It is an interactive workshop for security directors and teams.

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Interactive and Fast-Paced Training

Learn church security best practices by doing and moving in a motivating small environment. This is hands-on learning at its best.

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Federally-certified Trainers

Our teachers and trainers are former Secret Service, Homeland Security, CIA and FBI. We are certified trainers to the highest national level.

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Includes Mental Health Training

Most security incidents involve people struggling with mental health. Learn how to spot the signs of impending crisis and de-escalate the situation quickly and simply.


Train on the award winning MILO system!

As part of the SecureChurch Conference train on the interactive MILO simulator. Feel for yourself what it is like to be in the middle of an active situation! Sharpen your decision making skills, teamwork and physiological responses.

LionHeart is pleased to offer free MILO training to local and federal law enforcement personnel the day prior to the SecureChurch conference. Want to learn more about MILO? Click the link below.


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