Professional Security Services

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LionHeart provides a wide range of professional security services and training for Events, Facilities and Business. Our approach to providing these security services is to focus on prevention first and reaction as a last resort. This philosophy flows from our founder’s extensive experience in the Secret Service where returning fire after the President has been shot is not an acceptable outcome.

Active Shooter Training Course

Given by professional trainers with backgrounds in the FBI and Secret Service, this dynamic and interactive active shooter training ensures you, your family and your employees know what to do. Scientific research shows what happens in body and mind during a crisis, allowing for immediate mental and physical preparation.

MILO Range Security Training Courses

The world leading simulation provider for government, military, law enforcement, and police agencies worldwide. LionHeart is an exclusive provider of MILO Range training and our customizable simulations deliver safe and realistic training options that allow you to effectively train your Event, Facility or Business security team.