Verbal Judo De-escalation Training

Optional afternoon session at the September 21 SecureChurch Training!

You do NOT want to miss this. We will be offering an OPTIONAL AFTERNOON session featuring one of the most popular trainings we’ve ever provided: Verbal Judo de-escalation training. This is also a MUST take course for anyone serious about a ministry approach to preventing violent or damaging encounters. This skill set is CENTRAL to what you do and why you do it! Our certified instructor from the Verbal Judo Institute will be offering a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

What are some of the take-aways from our tactical training:

  • Tactical foundations are learned by doing / observing

  • Limited use of PowerPoints - the focus is on interactive training

  • Role players used to create authentic simulations

  • Airsoft Glock 23's incorporated (with goggles provided for safety)

  • Team tactics and movements based on position and role

  • Real time debriefs (who shot & when, where shot landed & why)

  • Drawing from conceal carry skills… action vs. reaction and timing

  • Federally certified use of force and firearms instructor

  • Locking down your sanctuary (actual practice)

  • Reinforcing the skills required in a ministry environment

  • Applying the principles of sanctuary security to tactical best practices

  • Sound system & lighting simulate active violence event during worship conditions

  • Addresses spiritual and mental preparation

  • Incorporates positions and tactics with technology

  • Tactics for responding to attacks initiated from inside & outside the sanctuary

  • Hold & evacuate scenarios