Church Security Conference – Secure Church

LionHeart announces the next Secure Church Conference at Willow Creek Church

Plan to join other church security leaders in a fast-moving, interactive and highly-motivating church security conference at Willow Creek Church on September 29 and 30, 2017.

The Secure Church program will be presented by the LionHeart International Services Group team of nationally recognized instructors with professional backgrounds in the US Secret Service, FBI and local police service. What makes these instructors particularly effective is that each of them takes an active role in the security ministry of their home church.

One of the attendees at the recent Christ Fellowship Church Security Conference commented that “the main thing was how security was combined with ministry”, one of the core values of LionHeart.

Church Security Conference

Tim Miller, CEO of LionHeart, presenting during the Secure Church Security Conference at Christ Fellowship in May, 2017

Topics will include complex legal issues facing church security, identifying potentially dangerous people, training church security teams, understanding the threat of terrorism, dealing with the mentally ill, preparing for an active assailant, medical issues for crisis periods, how the mind and body will respond in a crisis and other important topics.

Special emphasis will be given to the protection of children in church programs, an important challenge facing all churches, large and small. Invited guest experts will add depth and wisdom to these discussions that are essential in meeting the needs of children’s ministries nationwide.

These important topics will be covered in a range of formats including audio-visual presentations, audience participation exercises and a special Church Security Directors panel discussion. At the recent Christ Fellowship conference, attendees commented that the training was “interactive-fast moving-not just dry lectures”.  Another wrote that they appreciated “the wealth of knowledge that was exhibited”. All attendees are provided with notebooks that follow the various topics and facilitate note taking for future use.

With a key industry partner, MILO Range systems, LionHeart is excited to bring a state-of-the-art live training environment for use by attendees at the Willow Creek Church Security Conference. MILO Range brings individuals into interactive scenarios that require split second reactions that produce real stress and provide realistic learning experiences.

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