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Prevention first, a trained response if needed

LionHeart is an elite team of professional security experts with a passion to provide the best possible security support and training available. Highly trained to handle a full spectrum of security missions in a variety of locations, our team has a passion to provide the most effective security assistance and training in the nation they have all faithfully served for many years.

Security experts with operational experience from the Secret Service, Homeland Security, the Armed Forces, the Customs Service, Private Industry, as well as local police officers with specialized and SWAT expertise comprise the most effective and professional security team available.

Our approach is to work with our clients to assess their current security situation and threats, develop a balanced and effective program to address any concerns and provide the planning, training and support to meet the need.

Far too often, security starts from the perspective of reaction as opposed to prevention. LionHeart begins with a detailed security assessment, with an eye to find the most effective opportunities to secure an event, facility or business.  We are also able to provide the very best in planning, training and execution to deal with any security challenge immediately and with the minimum level of force required.

If you are looking for the current “status quo” level of security programming, LionHeart is not for you. If you are looking for the very best in security assessments, planning and instruction provided by professional, experienced security experts, LionHeart stands ready to assist you.

Founder & CEO of Lionheart International Services Group, Tim Miller, discussing the latest threats and how we can best prepare and train ourselves for protection.
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