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Active Shooter Training

With the continuing increase in violent events, have you prepared yourself, your family and your employees should they be involved in the next inevitable crisis?

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See Tim Miller’s interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), discussing the importance of churches being prepared for safety, violence and active shooter situations.

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 Offering professional security training, consulting and services for industry, churches and non-profits.

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Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is critical to beginning or improving on a dynamic security training program. LionHeart team members comprise of highly experienced security professionals, standing ready to conduct on-site expert security assessments in order to develop custom, practical and timely solutions for your organization.



Given by professional trainers with extensive backgrounds in industry, this dynamic and interactive security training focuses on active shooter situations. Latest scientific research shows what happens in body and mind during a crisis, allowing for immediate mental and physical preparation. Ensure you and your teams know what to do in these cases.



Professional Federal or Police certified trainers provide the very best and most current security training available.  Our trainers believe that great training brings great results! With the recent increase in violence many claim to be “security experts and trainers” but LionHeart’s highly experienced, certified trainers don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk!


Attendee Feedback

Read what our attendees have said about our professional security training classes.

“Tested Tactical Strategies”

“I have been in Federal law enforcement for 23 years and have been blessed to serve on an enhanced SWAT team while also leading Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence teams. I attended the March 2015 LionHeart conference in Tennessee, bringing a CIA colleague with me who specializes in protection and security issues. By the end of the second day, we were in complete agreement that this was outstanding training that we could both validate against the tactics and strategies that we have been taught in our years of service. We walked away with a carefully and expertly crafted template for keeping our church safe, which resonated with our heart to keep ministry first (to our team and with our brothers and sisters in Christ). We were able to seamlessly overlay into our ministry tested tactical strategies (provided by LionHeart’s training team) that we know work, based on our real world and collective professional experiences.”
Mark L, Federal Agent

“Uniquely Qualified”

“LionHeart International Services Group is an amazing group of individuals from various sectors of the law enforcement and intelligence community. Over and over, attendees have told us that this was the best training event they have ever attended and wanted to know when the next event would be held. LionHeart is uniquely qualified to work in this space because of their commitment to serving those who serve. I highly recommend them for planning and training in the security space for any size organization.”
Andy Willis, Director of Security at Bellevue Baptist Church (Memphis, TN)